Exterior Painting

Commercial Exterior Painting

One of your most precious assets is your commercial building, and our commercial exterior painting services will help you make it look its best. Help add life to your commercial building or business with a new exterior painting job that will bring new eye catching curb appeal. The first impression people have of your commercial building or office comes when they pull up and look from the outside. Our commercial exterior painting professional will transform the exterior of your commercial building or office.

At Valor Construction, we have the experience and know how to turn your commercial exterior painting project into a reality. We'll work side-by-side with you to choose the proper colors and corresponding finishes to ensure your commercial building turns out the way you envision. Our methodology and checklist enables us to deliver on our promise to provide you with the highest quality commercial exterior painting job that will last for years to come.

Surface preparation is the most important steep to a long lasting paint job. Having the exterior of your commercial building properly prepared and painted not only requires hard work, it requires attention to detail. Caulking, patching any cracks in wood, stucco or concrete and spot priming is a standard process on all of our commercial exterior painting projects. We stand behind our word and guarantee that your commercial exterior painting will be done right the first time. Not only do we bring our high quality team of painters, but we use only the finest materials to ensure the best exterior painting job is done. We work with the highest quality finishes for excellent color retention and adhesion.

Deck Staining

Staining is a great way to make your commercial deck really stand out. Staining brings out the natural elegance of the wood in your commercial deck. Not only does it make the wood look great by changing the color and enhancing the natural grain, but staining you deck also protects the wood from mold, mildew and other effects of aging. Valor Construction provides quality deck staining services for commercial building owners throughout commercial and the surrounding communities throughout the Tri-State. Our commercial deck staining painters have the expertise and experience to put new life back into your deck.

Door Painting

The exterior doors of any commercial building certainly takes a beating. Between the sun and rain, your commercial exterior doors can start to become discolored. Although the elements can really begin to cause significant wear and tear to your exterior doors over time, Valor Construction can paint your commercial exterior doors to bring them back to life. Panting your exterior doors is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to refresh the interior of your commercial building. The color of your commercial exterior doors can change commercial building’s atmosphere from dull to cheery, drab to welcoming, bright to relaxing. Valor Construction can paint your commercial exterior doors quickly and professionally to save you time and hassle.

Fence Painting & Staining

A fence around your commercial building or backyard is an effective and aesthetically pleasing way to provide privacy in and around your house. Fences can also assist in identifying property lines or provide shelter from the wind. At Valor Construction, we offer commercial fence painting and staining services designed to enhance your property.

Just like anything else that seats outside, your commercial fence needs to be maintained to counteract the effects of the elements. Depending on the material your commercial fence is made out of, over a period of time your fence’s paint or the material can start to crack, warp, decay, or discolor when not properly protected. To protect your commercial fence, you should either paint it or stain it. Painting or staining the wood of your commercial fencing will seal the grains and make the wood last longer. Valor Construction can paint or stain all types of fences including wood, aluminum, vinyl, metal, steel, and wrought iron fences.

Siding Painting

Painting the siding of your commercial building can breathe new life into it. Siding painting is one of the best returns on your investment and is one of the easiest ways to improve the look and feel of your commercial building. Valor Construction’s qualified commercial siding painters possess the necessary skills for proper surface preparation, and understand the broad range of paint and coating varieties.

Although many folks tackle the mess and hassle of their commercial siding painting projects themselves, a good painting contractor team can typically accomplish this task for you with fewer headaches and a much better overall look. At Valor Construction, our qualified team of commercial siding painters listens to your vision for your commercial building, then delivers eye-catching results that reflect your vision and that will stand up to the test of time. Our experienced commercial siding painters has the skills and equipment to get the job done right, the first time, every time. We take the time to prepare and set up properly to make sure the siding of your commercial building is painted the way you expect.

Stucco Painting

Stucco painting is one of the greatest things you can do to protect the masonry on your commercial building. When it rains, rain water and moisture gets inside the grooves and cracks of your stucco and cause it to begin to discolor. Valor Construction’s stucco painting services can help seal all the fractures and cracks in your commercial buildings stucco and prevent future splitting or cracking of it.

Nicely painted stucco can make any commercial building look more beautiful. When you paint stucco, you can change the color completely and have a fresh, new color on your commercial building that is going to help protect the surfaces from rain, snow and wind. You can count on Valor Construction to provide you with the highest quality stucco painting at an affordable price. Our experienced commercial stucco painters has the skills and equipment to get the job done right, the first time, every time. We take the time to prepare and set up properly to make sure the stucco of your commercial building repaired of any damage and rough areas and prepped to create a perfect surface finish for your commercial building. We have a meticulous process that we undertake to get the stucco on your commercial building prepared to be painted. We will repair any damage to your current stucco. By repairing the stucco on your commercial building it will allow the paint to adhere to the surface easier.

Trim Painting

Painting the exterior trim of your commercial building is the most cost effective commercial building remodeling project that can be done. When repainting or retouching the exterior trim around your commercial building, it requires extreme focus, careful preparation, and the use of a little discretion. At Valor Construction we have the experience and professionalism to complete your commercial exterior trim painting project on time and to your satisfaction.

Whether you need just the trim painted or the entire exterior of your commercial building, our professional painters will be there from start to finish. Valor Construction is your one stop shop for services to brighten up your commercial building. Contact Valor Construction today at 304-992-8318 or fill out our FREE Estimate Form.

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