Windows are as important as the front door of your home. Windows help make your house look great and allow outside air to circulate throughout your home. When your home windows are in bad shape and are in need of repair, call on the window installation and repair contractor experts at Valor Construction. Some window repairs are less serious issues, which include things like torn screens and malfunctioning latching mechanisms, but even these small problems can be difficult for many homeowners to handle alone. Other windows problems can need emergency repairs and need immediate help from a professional such as broken windows which cause both a safety and a security hazard.

When any of these problems or others strike your windows, call on the window installation and repair contractor experts at Valor Construction. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to repair or replace your old windows. Depending on your window design, replacing a window can involve removing the window frame and replacing it with a new window and its window track. At other times, certain styles of window require the replacement of individual window panes. No matter what, our technicians will be happy to asset you in getting your windows repaired and looking like new again.

Some of Our Window Services

  • Cracked Stucco Repair
  • Drywall Damage Repair
  • Free Stuck or Frozen Windows
  • Reflective Window Film Installation
  • Shutter Repair and Installation
  • Storm Window Repair and Installation
  • Weather Proof Window
  • Window Frame Painting
  • Window Glass Replacement
  • Window Installation
  • Window Lock Repair
  • Window Replacement
  • Window Screens Repair and Installation
  • Window Sealing and Caulking
  • Window Trim Repair
  • Window Trim Replacement
  • Window Washing
  • Window Wood Sash

For any and all your general construction, home remodeling, home repair, and home maintenance needs, Valor Construction can handle it all. Contact Valor Construction by calling 304-992-8318 or by Requesting A FREE Estimate.

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